WOMPS – Broadcast – 12/07/17

WOMPS are a fascinating band when compared with their contemporaries in the Scottish music scene. Their already well documented recording time and resulting album with Steve Albini needs requires no further comment; but there was something distinctly North American about a sweltering muggy Scottish Wednesday in the basement of Broadcast. After several £3 White Russians I felt a bit like “The Dude” listening to a rad touring band from the North West somewhere in LA.

The first thing about WOMPS you’ll experience in the live setting is the massive energy they bring to the stage for a three piece, this is how grungey lo-fi rock is supposed to sound. All the bases are covered for the listener from beginning to end, great songs, pure power from the drums, intricate guitar and grizzly basslines tie the whole sound together well. Ewan Grant has cultivated an unmistakeable singing style which paired with impressive and equally unique guitar playing provides the melodic section of the band. Owen Wicksted is an awesome drummer, has great power, good technical chops, and really seems to fit perfectly into his chosen role and playing style. There is a firm rhythmic bond that Owen and Ewan share which defines the core of WOMPS, shared values and democratic song writing are signs of a special partnership. Grant and Wicksted were until recently a two-man-band with rotating bassists, but have now permanently enlisted the talented Neill Bannatyne as the final third of WOMPS.

Notable events during the set included, but were not limited to:
– Neil holding the bass drum back with his foot as it continually crept forward on the shitty mat that failed miserably to do its job. Rhythm section bromance is critical.
– The boys from Why No? spazzing out having the time of their lives at the front of the crowd during most of the set.
– Andrew Newton, drummer of Why No? grabbing the microphone once WOMPS had left the stage demanding ONE MORE TUNE.
– His wish was granted with a brilliant and hilarious cover of Billy Idol’s White Wedding.
– I bought the 45” single Live a Little Less from Ewan afterwards which has a clear disc inside and a funny backstory, if you happen to run into him he’ll tell it to you.


Overall I had a great night seeing one of my favourite Scottish bands, follow them on social media to stay in the loop. Also, listen to their more recent single Darling here.